21, Mar 2022
How Long Does Corona Virus Stay in Home Items?

Indeed covid-19 virus is so worrying. But with the right action, you can limit the spread. Tips that have been mentioned by WHO and various sources, you must maintain cleanliness and social distancing. Even President Donald Trump said that the U.S. people must be physically distancing in order to break the chain of the spread of the corona virus. 


With the recommendations for President we need to understand how long corona lasts in house items.

  • Copper (4 hours)
  • Aluminum (2-8 hours)
  • Cardboard (24 hours)
  • Steel (2 days)
  • Stainless Steel (2-3 days)
  • Polypropylene plastic, such as food storage ( 3 days)
  • Wood (4 days)
  • Paper (4-5 days)

Then what needs to be done to kill covid-19 virus?

To be sure, you should wash your hands often after touching any item. Then, spray all surfaces that are likely to be touched by hands using disinfectant. Some companies do issue special disinfectant products, but now they are very rare or expensive.

How do you make your own disinfectant?

One of them is by using clothing bleach (such as Bayclin or Proclin) which contains active ingredients Sodium Hipoklori (NaOCl) of 5.25{71fcf43b7e88594e1fd6f55b34ba56e5e278f81256650ea77ce5e3851826286f}. This content can reduce the amount of microoganism on the surface of objects. You can mix it with water as a disinfectant.

Stage of making disinfectants at home:

1. Advice from WHO, dilution of 5 percent sodium hypochlorite in a ratio of 1: 100 is usually recommended. To produce 1,000 ml of disinfectant solution, mix 95 ml of bleach clothing with 905 ml of water. His suggestion is simply that about 10 caps of a floor cleaning fluid are diluted with 1 liter of water

2. Spray on the surface of equipment that is often touched at least 2 times a day, such as TV remotes, light switches, and door handles. You can also use used cloth.

3. Don’t forget to wash your hands after spraying and wiping things at home

Tips: If you have just shopped or received a package, it is recommended to spray a bag or plastic bag with this mixture. This composition can also be used as a mop water solution.