3, Apr 2023
The many possibilities of vertical gardening

Vertical gardening is very popular these days! Have you ever heard of it? Vertical gardening is often done in cities, on buildings, but also in people’s gardens. Are you curious what vertical gardening can mean in your garden? Then read this blog post!

The benefits of vertical gardening

By gardening vertically, you create an oasis of peace and relaxation in a creative way. This is the effect that green vegetation has on our brain. Many people love to spend time in nature or in their own garden. But what if you have to make do with a smaller space? Then vertical gardening might be the ideal solution for you! This way you create a garden full of greenery while leaving enough space to place all your garden furniture.

With this creative option, you can also provide more privacy in your garden without having to opt for a bare fence. Do you have a balcony and do you want to create a green wall? Even then, this can be the ideal way! Another big advantage is that you don’t have to bend down as much by gardening vertically. You can use the various moowy garden products to maintain your vertical garden.

Reduce your ecological footprint

Vertical gardening can reduce your carbon footprint. That is why you often see houses wrapped in greenery in the larger cities. By applying the plants to your walls, you ensure that your house or building is better insulated, so it not only looks good on the eye, but it can also help you save some energy every year! All outdoor plants also help to reduce CO2 emissions in the air. This is because plants use CO2 during their photosynthesis. In addition, with a vertical garden, you ensure more biodiversity in your garden or on your balcony. All kinds of nice critters come to it, such as butterflies, bumblebees and ladybugs. This is good for overall biodiversity.

Ways to build a vertical garden

There are many ways to build a vertical garden. This also makes it possible for people with a smaller budget! When you think about making a vertical wall in your garden, on your house or on your balcony, it is smart to first make a good plan. Consider, for example, choosing the right place and taking into account the incidence of light. For example, you can choose plants that can withstand the bright sun or go for special plants that will grow in the shade. Could you use some inspiration? Then take a look on the internet and let yourself be inspired! Good luck!