24, Aug 2022
Tips for Choosing Expert Partners to Innovate

The role of an innovation proves to be important to bring something new in our business. The innovation in question can be in the form of improving the quality of processes and products. This is crucial and must always be there even if our business is at the peak of the market. Although it can appear by itself, innovation is more common when the business owner has a strong will to learn.
Unfortunately, innovation is often difficult to come if you just keep thinking for yourself. accounting services As business people, we generally need the right discussion partners. Friends of Entrepreneurship can also find innovations by collaborating with other parties. One of them is partnering with experts. So, how do you hook and work with expert partners for business innovation? Check out the full review and tips below!
Who are the Expert Partner Parties?
If indeed Sahabat Wirausaha has difficulty getting ideas to innovate or there are too many innovations to run and need the right choice to innovate. Friends of Entrepreneurship can take expert partners as the answer. There are many parties who can help Entrepreneurial Friends. Here are some parties that can be used as expert partners in innovation.

  1. Consultant
    Consultants are parties who can provide solutions to problems that exist in the business. The consultants themselves will analyze what is happening in the business or business of Friends of Entrepreneurs and formulate what strategies are suitable and good to overcome these problems. The consultants themselves are paid a commission for what has been done. Collaboration between business actors and consultants will find a fairly good solution to a clear problem. Unfortunately this form of cooperation is very transactional and less dynamic. When problems occur beyond the expertise of the consultants, problems will require other consultants.
  2. University
    The university is a repository of knowledge and experts in specific fields. They are very familiar with the most suitable and appropriate theory and technology. However, not infrequently the experts from this university have a deficiency in seeing a selling point or business. They tend to have a high level of knowledge but a low commercial side. However, it is not uncommon to have a balance of knowledge between theoretical knowledge and good commercial application. However, universities will have less stringent timelines than consultants and there may be a mismatch between business goals and knowledge goals.
  3. Entrepreneurs and startups
    Currently, many young entrepreneurs and start-ups are trying to help accelerate development in society, including promoting SMEs. Entrepreneurs and startups have great knowledge, wide application of technology, and understand the business world or the commercial side. It’s just that finding the right and suitable start-up is a bit difficult so that what they have is in line with what the business has. A discussion and discussion will be carried out as to what this innovation should be done so that from the start the startup companies will have the same goal.
  4. Mass-sourced open innovation
    There are times when as a business actor, you need lots and lots of good ideas to be able to see innovation from all sides in the business. One suitable expert partner is to conduct an open idea contest for the masses. This competition will give the public the flexibility to provide ideas for the advancement of the business. The competition started by giving the public the situation and some reports on the current business conditions. However, it is necessary to curate the ideas owned by these communities so that their ideas can be implemented by businesses. In addition, the innovation process here will be completed in the ideation phase, not for the long term.