17, Nov 2023
Redecorating the House with a New Furniture

Redecorating the house does not merely have to buy new furniture just to bring a fresh feel in the new year. With a little creativity and effort, your old furniture will certainly not only look like new, it can even be different from before. Here are tips for beautifying your old furniture.

1. Redecorating the house with a Wood

Redecorating the house

Wood is a material that is quite versatile and easy to recondition. If there is color aging, you can gradually draw the outer skin of wood furniture owned.

In addition, it can polish the surface of your wood furniture with special oils or liquids to extend the life of wood fibers. To bring something new, you can repaint, even you can add accents of dust or coffee grounds before being overlaid with varnish to give the impression of relics on a wooden table or chair at home.

2. Skin

Furniture with a layer of leather usually is on the sofa. To make the leather sofa always shiny and look healthy, you can routinely clean it with a special cleaning fluid or with a mixture of lemon juice and tartar cream which is certainly easy to apply.

To cover wrinkles on the surface, can be overcome by adding foam sofa, so that the skin looks tight.

3. Redecorating the house with a Velvet

Redecorating the house

Cleaning velvet furniture is not difficult, just need more attention. By using a fabric steamer whose liquid comes from a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice, removing stubborn stains on the surface of the furniture will be easy.

To bring a new impression, you can use  fabric covers with the latest models for velvet furniture at home to make it look more up to date .

4. Metal

Before starting to give a new look to your furniture that comes from metal, try to clean the rust first. To clean rust, there are many easy ways and ingredients you can find in the house.

You can sprinkle baking soda on the surface of the rust and let it sit for an hour after cleaning it with water. In addition, you can also soak it with cooking vinegar for the night. After cleansing from rust, you can beautify metal furniture by using acrylic spray paint.

5. Marble

Brownish stains such as rust on the surface of the marble will appear with the use and exposure to sunlight. Like human skin, the surface of marble is also sensitive and easily changes color.

To clean it, soak tissue balls in a solution of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, then stick to the stain on the marble. Then wrap in plastic wrap and wait for two to three days and rinse. Your marble will be clean and shining again.

6. Transfer the old furniture

Creativity will make your home feel more attractive and unique. One way is to change the function of old furniture such as a bedhead into a DIY wall decor to add a personal impression.