9, Jun 2022
TOP-4 recommendations for the survival and development of a crime scene cleanup service

Difficulties of the modern market

According to the calculations of experts, in 2017 the volume of the world market of crime scene cleanup service amounted to 306.32 million US dollars with a forecast of growth to 386.31 billion in five years.

Despite positive growth forecasts, cleaning companies providing crime scene cleanup service currently face significant challenges. The main problems for cleaners are fierce competition and government regulation, as well as the growing demand for sustainable production methods. High employee turnover and reduced margins due to rising labor costs are another set of factors that are equally important for professional cleaning companies. For example, the UK’s exit from the European Union is causing uncertainty in the labor market in Europe, while in the United States the minimum wage is rising. What ways of solving emerging problems will help a cleaning company which offers a crime scene cleanup service to cope with difficulties and succeed in the market today? The answer is in the recommendations, which will not only increase the company’s attractiveness to potential customers and the loyalty of existing ones, but will also improve the reputation of the cleaning brand.

Focus on unique services

While standard cleaning services typically account for half of the market, specialized cleaning services represent a rapidly growing sub-segment of the market. Adding specialized (niche) services to a standard service will help attract more customers, as well as those looking for service packages or comprehensive services.

Reduce operating costs

Even a small increase in the minimum wage negatively affects the profitability of a cleaning company. Excessive use of cleaning products during providing crime scene cleanup service and underuse of equipment reduce profitability even more. Given the need to lower prices in order to obtain contracts, cleaners have no choice but to reduce operating costs.

Pay attention to your equipment.

Modern high-tech machines significantly improve the result of crime scene cleanup service in a shorter time. This improves productivity as they clean large areas within the existing schedule.

In addition to improving overall cleaning performance, most modern floor scrubbers allow for finer settings such as pressure, speed, amount of water and detergent applied to, a specific area. Such flexibility of adjustments allows not only to speed up crime scene cleanup service, but also to optimize resources such as liquid and cleaning agents. This ultimately reduces transaction costs.

An added benefit of using equipment that reduces the amount of water and detergent you use is that they increase your green reputation. Nowadays, companies are more and more environmentally conscious and prefer to choose a policy that takes into account sustainable cleaning methods with a minimum impact on the environment.

It is believed that sustainable cleaning practices should help cleaning companies become more efficient and cost-effective. A contractor that uses energy efficient machines, and non-toxic and biodegradable detergents will be more attractive to a growing number of clients, helping them achieve their corporate social and environmental responsibility goals. 

Improve the quality of work

It is very important to identify any malfunctions of the equipment in order to quickly eliminate them. A manager must have constant access to this data remotely and can plan the operation of the equipment using information such as:

  • cleaning times and schedules;
  • equipment downtime;
  • the location of each machine and the name of its operator.

This data allows you to compare and optimize your plan and actual cleaning performance so you can make adjustments or improve your performance to get closer to your plan. As a result, the number of areas served according to the plan can increase, which can increase customer satisfaction.