13, Oct 2022
A guide on rental insurance and natural disasters.

When a natural disaster like earthquakes, sinkholes, or hurricane occurs, many rental insurance holders do not consider beforehand if their insurance policies include these occurrences. Therefore, it is highly recommended that people with rental insurance do their research ahead, thus by reading articles and reviews on websites such as pedalsure review about this type of insurance might give you a better indication of what this type of coverage entails when it comes to natural disasters and their claims. In addition, you can further investigate the claims process surrounding several insurance companies on sites such as nova direct van insurance reviews to form a solid understanding before taking out rental insurance, what aspects would be covered and which ones would be excluded.

Does rental insurance cover natural disasters

Most homeowners and rental insurance policies cover all natural weather-related damages and include hailstorms, wildfires and lightning strikes; however, most of these insurance policies under the comprehensive cover would consist of these types of disasters. Nonetheless, most renter’s insurance policies are only meant for the policyholder’s personal belongings renting from a landlord. Likewise, the landlord can insure the overall structure of the dwelling and claim accordingly. On the other hand, some insurance companies, however, do cover the loss or damage of personal belongings claimed by renters, but only if the disaster was a natural weather-related incident. In addition, it is not always a given that the insurance provider would cover other natural disasters, such as hurricanes and sinkholes, if not requested from the get-go. But in some countries, their federal governments provide relief solutions after severe natural occurrences, as mentioned before.

Are flood damages covered?

It is highly suggested that you do your homework before taking out a specific insurance policy, whether for a homeowner or the requirements of a renter. However, as rental insurance is an inexpensive way to insure only personal belongings, it is possible to enquire from the insurance company if, in the case of extreme natural disasters, the insurance company would still cover any of their belongings’ permanent loss or damage. Therefore, it is advised that you get organised in terms of compiling a checklist of all the home content of the rental home or owned house to ensure that the entire home inventory is covered before disaster strikes. However, it is a known fact that in many cases, floods are excluded from all-natural disaster claims, and this aspect is a general rule of thumb when it comes down to insurance payouts. On the other hand, some private insurance companies may be able to provide flood damage of any kind to people but only in specifically allocated areas.

What about earthquake damage?

Insurance covering earthquake damage will have to be seen as a separate policy. However, it will cover aspects such as repairs to your home and other structures detached from the main dwelling, such as a shed or particular garage unit. In addition, the insurance provider would cover all personal belongings, such as clothes or anything with value, with either home or rental insurance. And if you cannot live in your home due to extensive loss or damage due to natural weather disasters, it will cover expenses such as hotel stays. Nonetheless, earthquake damage falls under the section of natural disasters that are not covered, such as fires caused by earthquakes.