18, Dec 2023
Add a luxe feel to your home decor and add get new pieces

Add a luxe feel to your  home decor and add get new  pieces at Brooks Brothers.

Search for  elegant crystal glasses to display in your modern home redwood home bar. A great option would be Audubon Crystal Glasses from Brooks Brothers. These crystal glasses have a Birds of America engraving. Great quality and beautifully crafted glasses you won’t want to store in a cabinet at all.

Sip your cappuccino in style and opt for Red Fleece Cafe Cup and Saucer Set from Brooks Brothers. This latte cup and saucer set will catch your guests attention. Low and wide to fit your small dose of Luwak coffee. Very retro inspired with Brooks Brothers Red Fleece logo. It is safe to use on microwave and dishwasher.  Made from quality heavy-duty china for long lasting durability. These would look great in your elegant French  display cabinet.

Get ready to entertain and serve your best gourmet recipes in a Signature Tartan Serving Bowl from Brooks Brothers. Great quality bone china bowl with  same craftsmanship of the original made in 1889. Guests won’t know whether to eat their succulent avocado with gorgonzola or appreciate the art in the bowl. This china is dishwasher safe but can’t be microwaved. A special and unique china you’ll only want to bring out on special occasions and make your table standout. In the meantime keep it on display in your showcase cabinet.

Time for your scrumptious rum cake and finding it a spot in the Northern Shoveler Dessert Platter from Brooks Brothers. A limited edition platter with J.J. Audubon bird motif featuring Northern Shoveler bird species. Premium quality platters are made in Italy. These platters will help capture the essence of your home decor. To maintain the platters look make sure you hand wash each piece.

You’ll make your table one-of-a-kind when you place Signature Tartan Four-Piece Napkin Set from Brooks Brothers. Proudly made in the USA from Supima cotton and best choice for Christmas or New Year’s parties.

Go for a contrasting and full of lines pillow to accent your contemporary sofa. Consider a Vertical Jockey Stripe 16” Square Pillow from Brooks Brothers. Crafted from pure silk from England and perfectly filled with feathers.

Lay down for a quick nap in full elegance and opt for a Saxxon Wool Blanket with Fringe from Brooks Brothers. This blanket is very warm and made in Italy from 100{5ff4ca0ea40b3682e740b9065ed82e51ebc478092253e8a57c1826dbedfafada} Saxxon wool. This blanket is in a great size and provides great coverage.

Add a lush of silk to your home decor and opt for Guard Stripe Pleated Empire Shade from Brooks Brothers. Colorblock stripe accent the pleats of the shade and enliven your living room space.

Or go for an elegant and silky  BB#1 Diagonal Stripe Chandelier Shade from Brooks Brothers. Shade is in a smaller size to bring the focus to the chandelier.

Beautify your living room walls with equine art and opt for Paul Brown Limited Edition Lithograph – Steeplechase. An authentic Paul Brown’s drawing perfectly engraved in copper lithography. This limited edition piece features two jumping polo riders and is in a dark mahogany frame.

Bring in a touch of luxury to your home decor from Brooks Brothers to add a sense of distinctiveness.